The allergy testing for your horse

With our comprehensive allergy testing especially for horses we provide evidence of the cause!

To perform our serological assay we need about five millilitre of blood, which can be taken by a veterinary or any experienced person. After receiving the blood sample, it will be routinely scanned in our laboratory for reactions to the most frequent allergens like mite, insects, moulds and pollen.

The result of the assay will be passed to you by fax or e-Mail within three to five working days.


The evidence of an allergy test depends on two factors:

  1. On the reliability of the method

    In our laboratory we analyse with biochemical methods (ELISA) whether in the blood of the horse occur distinct, allergy mediating antibodies directed against potentially allergic substances. Because a blood sample can be taken easily and is - with respect to a serological allergy testing - a stable sample, this procedure has established as most suitable and reliable in veterinarian practice.

  2. On the choice of the substances to be tested

    Entwickler des Allergietest und Berater zu Fragen der Allergie Dr. Meinardus-Hager
    Dr. Meinardus-Hager
    About 20 years ago Dr. Meinardus-Hager developed the first comprehensive and significant assay system for horses, which is now regarded as the most validated detection system in Europe. Based on a 40 year experience as owner, breeder and rider of horses combined with 20 years of analysing blood samples of several 10,000 horses, we know now exactly which allergens may challenge a horse and which format an allergy assay must have, to lead to an effective approach for therapy.

    For this reason our standard procedure is that all 65 convenient allergens are tested separately:
    15 fungi and molds
    13 tree species pollen
    11 gras species pollen
    8 herb species pollen
    6 different dust and storage mites
    6 sticking-biting insects
    6 relevant footage ingredients

    Only the result of a differentiated allergy assay can serve as a basis of an effective therapy of the horse. As a horse owner you should pay attention to the fact, that the allergens are tested separately, because only this method gives precise evidence on the health status of the horse.

    Allergic diseases may have very individual causes. With a blood sample in our hand we have the possibility, to test a lot of other substances, like medicaments, foot components or their additives, for a possible allergic reaction of the horse.