The allergy testing for your horse

With our comprehensive allergy testing especially for horses we provide evidence of the cause!

The assay elucidates, if any and to which degree specific antibodies directed against a possible allergen are present in the appropriate horse. When no antibodies are found, an allergic disease is not plausible. If antibodies against one or more allergen(s) are present, a sensibilisation is given. This does not lead inevitably to an acute allergic reaction, but it is the pre-condition that unfavourable situations lead to an allergic disease. A clear amount of allergen specific antibodies in the blood is an indication for a recently happened intensive or a long lasting contact of the horse with this trigger of an allergy. This allergenic challenge is the most probable cause of an allergic disease.

The assessment of the assay values integrates additonal factors:

  1. The age of the horse

    Very young or very old
  2. Kind and duration of the allergic disease

    For reactions on the skin surface less allergic mediators are detectable in the blood, compared to affections of the well blood supplied lungs.
  3. The bio-chemical nature of the allergen

    Pollen cause higher assay values than most moulds
  4. The kind of causative allergen

    Storage mites feed distinct moulds and these are found on grass pollen. For this reason appropriate sensibilisations are frequently found to be associated.

These factors influence the assessment of the assay result, and just as much our specific knowledge about origin and distribution of the allergens. In this context an exchange of information with the owner and the veterinary is important. Only knowing the allergy trigger, being relevant for the disease of this horse, a successful treatmentcan be initiated.