The allergy testing for your horse

With our comprehensive allergy testing especially for horses we provide evidence of the cause!

Die Gesundheit des Pferdes ist Grundlage für das Wohlbefinden des Besitzers

The treatment of an allergy can only be successful, when you know the trigger, which is relevant for this horse allergic reaction.

Elimination: Avoid contact with allergens

Only with this knowledge measures can be chosen, that keep the horse away from a source of allergens. Consequent control of food hygiene or changes in husbandry conditions (specifically to be adjusted to the relevant allergy trigger) can be helpful in case of allergy against moulds, mites, insects, or food components.

Hyposensibilisation: Vaccination to get adapted

In case of allergic reaction against pollen avoidance is not easy to establish. Hyposensibilisation can reveal good therapeutical success: the relevant allergen is injected at increasing doses and in regular intervals under the skin. The immune system slowly gets “adapted” to the contact with the allergen and the inflammatory reaction becomes more and more moderate. This way it is possible to achieve in 80% of treatment a recovery from the symptoms, using extracts of pollen, insect poison, mites and distinct moulds.

The vaccine for this specific immune therapy (SIT) must be ordered and distributed by a veterinarian.
According to the result of the allergy testing for the horse and the nature of the allergic disease, we propose a composition of the vaccine.
After about three weeks the vaccine will be delivered to the veterinarian, who will instruct the owner to the application.

With this specific immune therapy (SIT)  the individual allergic symptoms can be diminished in the long term, and the horse may live without disorders!